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Education is no longer sealed in the walls of a school or an institute. With the rising popularity of e-learning, most of us use smartphones, tablets, and iPads to get access to educational apps. Learning habits are much improved with such interactive multimedia apps. It does not only enhance the aspirant’s learning experience, but also provides several additional benefits such as improving one’s weak areas. EKSAM is one of the best learning apps for School level State and CBSE syllabus oriented exams, all entrance exams, Kerala and other State PSC exams and Central Govt. Exams. To define clearly - EKSAM is ‘All Objective Exams in a Single Platform’. It is an excellent platform for students to self evaluate their knowledge while they don’t have to spend all of their free time gaming. The app provides objective type mock tests that intend to be a powerful examination tool for e-learning and online education. We aim to remove hurdles in the path of each student’s intention to be successful in their exams or one’s dream to become a government employee by providing excellent, fruitful mock tests which will help them to have a trial exam experience. This will help filter the talents in the best way and so helps to improve each one's weakened areas. The e-Library available offers a wealth of exam oriented information to job seekers and it can be used as an excellent reference to improve their knowledge. It’s no surprise that candidates using the EKSAM app will not take much time to achieve their dream job within a short time span. It helps students grow better, learn better by enhancing their skills, and hence progress in their career.

EKSAM is an online division of the parent company LK Online Education and Services Pvt Ltd., having an experience of 20 years in the South Indian educational field, and is based in Bangalore. The company is one of India’s premier education and career management organizations that serve as a point of contact for distance education programs, as an educational consultant for all professional courses, and as an online education platform. EKSAM is an Estonian name. Estonian is the official language of the country Estonia. In the Estonian language, EKSAM is the word used for the English word EXAM. And that’s where the app derived its name from. The app has its operational presence in Kochi, Bangalore, Delhi, and Dubai. A great app indeed to learn and have a self assessment that keeps yourself ready to get secured with your dream job in a short time span or make a successful career.

  • EKSAM is an excellent learning platform for school students from standard 1st to plus two as it allows them to attend State and CBSE syllabus based objective mock tests by which they can prepare well to win the exams. It covers all the topics from an exam point of view. Our mission is to provide purposive practice for students to boost their self confidence. Students can have access to the mock tests for free.
  • Getting a job immediately after schooling remains a good choice for many. EKSAM prepares students for competitive exams after their schooling who wish to make their entry into the Army, Airforce, Navodaya Vidyalaya Examination, and more.
  • Prepare for all entrance exams such as Medical, Engineering, CAT, GATE, etc.
  • Kerala and Other State (Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Karnataka) PSC Exams
  • Central Government Exams such as UPSC, Bank, Railway, etc.

The app is a very efficient and useful platform for students, and is helpful to candidates, both beginners and experts, and even to housewives to utilize their free time for studying. For students, the app provides an opportunity to deliver a healthy education during their free time rather than to spend time on worthless gaming.

EKSAM may include questions and answers that are asked in the previous examinations. You can practice unlimited mock exams with the exact same pattern of the real exams, which will improve your timing and accuracy. And, the app will provide the solutions by which you can have an assessment of your answers. For every wrong answer you provided, it displays the right answer and the explanation on how the app arrived at the right solution, providing a scientific aspect of the results in the answer key. The result is even graphically displayed that will easily let you know your weak areas.

With this pattern, you can strengthen your concepts and improve your weak areas. Download EKSAM and start practicing mock tests today to make your entry towards your dream career.

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