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Eksam Online
Eksam.Online – Online Examination And Assessment Platform
Robust. Versatile. Effective is an online examination and assessment platform that will help you create and manage exams and provide analytical assessment of the performance. This platform can be successfully used by Universities, institutes and corporate organisations. facilitates the management of exams with an intricately designed AI program. is designed to manage objective and subjective types of exams. Teachers and corporate businesses alike can create their own quizzes and exams online and have their users take them; be it multiple choice questions or descriptive theory based questions. This platform supports theory based exams with answer checking facility available for examiner. platform simplifies examination process to a great extent. It gives the flexibility to take the exams from home. can be used by Universities and colleges to conduct their PG and UG exams and internal exams and successfully evaluate, grade and rank students’ progress and performance without the hassle of trailing paper work that usually follows traditional pattern of exams.

Coaching institutes and other educational institutes can provide mock tests to their students and give analytical assessment of their progress there by providing them with opportunity to find their weak spots. This can help the students to prepare for the competitive exams effectively.

Corporate businesses can make use of to conduct recruitment exams and aptitude tests effectively before employing someone. These tests give the recruiters an insight into their prospective employees’ aptitude, their problem-solving and decision-making skills. This platform also provides corporate trainers to evaluate skill level and enhance them if need be. offers comprehensive features that can be adapted to your institutions’ needs. This examination system uses fewer resources and reduces the need for question papers and answer scripts, exam room scheduling, arranging invigilators, coordinating with examiners etc.

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